Practice for Girls and Women Career Develop ment (PGWOCADE) is an organization that was established in 2016 by 5 members and registered in 16th April 2018 under Non Governmental Organization Act with registration No. 00NGO/ 0009617. PGWOCADE foundation has been able to reach over 3000 young girls every year. PGWOCADE believes that women and girls are an asset to the development of their countries and communities and with the right guidance and support can become influential leaders of positive change.

A word from the founder Miss Jackeline Tung’ombe:

My first initiative was 2015 when I started to volunteer in my region       to train secondary school girls on self-determination, confidence, goal setting, and importance of education to them. Empowering girls in education and the development of young women, has been in dream since I was a young girl brought up in a community where girl’s education is not priority. I experienced the gender education gap whereby priority is given to boys, while girls are forced into early marriage as a source of family income and prestige. This has led to an increase in the number of teen pregnancies, school dropout, maternal mortality, violence and a prevalence of street children.

Culture is not the only challenge that girls must overcome. Poverty often means they face challenges where money is used as a weapon to end their dreams. I wanted to make sure that girls in my community will not suffer what I have experienced, or at least help mitigate these issues.

PGWOCADE is supported by 3 Community working Committees. The organisation operates its activities through an account at the CRDB Bank monitored by a qualified and committed accountant.

Map location of PGWOCADE foundation

PGWOCADE foundation is located in Rukwa region, Sumbawanga district, Bomani street.