About Us

PRACTICES FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN CAREER DEVELOPMENT (PGWOCADE) is a female led organization established in 2015 by 5 members, registered on 16th April 2018 as a Non-Governmental organization with registration number 00NGO/009617 with the aim of promoting women and girl’s right.

    Our Core Values

  •  Integrity
  • PGWOCADE value upright behavior and operate with complete transparency and lack of ambiguity. Our actions are legal, clear, consistent, honest and truthful. PGWOCADE have zero tolerance for corruption, subterfuge and hidden agendas.

  •  Accountability
  • PGWOCADE is accountable to its Donors and stakeholders in all. We manage our resources responsibly and use them efficiently to provide value for money. We are fully responsible for all our actions and track all we do as well as the results with appropriate documentation. We learn from our mistakes and acknowledge and celebrate our successes.

  •  Equality
  • PGWOCADE value that all people must be treated equally, fairly, with dignity and be able to embrace opportunities

  •  Voice
  • We amplify women and girls voice to increase their visibility and expand their reach to power and decision-making bodies.

  •  Health
  • We show compassion for all and promote sustainable approaches to health especial adolescent girls and young women sexual reproductive health (SRHR). We strive to make women and girls feel safe, respected, empowered and fairly treated.


PRACTICES FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN CAREER DEVELOPMENT (PGWOCADE) was founded in 2015 with the mission to promote girls and women right, as a local Non-Governmental organization operating Tanzania mainland. It was found by Dr. Jackline Tung’ombe by then a university student as a voluntary movement with the purpose to promote girls education in Sumbawanga through capacity building where her idea came from the education gape in her community where girls education was not a priority instead marriage, through recognize the struggle many girls have, she found this organization to create change in her community.

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